Frequently Asked Questions by Travelers

What is the Vacation Home Rental Network?

This website is a portal/directory which connects to regional vacation rental websites throughout the U.S. that list vacation rentals within their area with no booking or service fees to travelers. This site does not list individual vacation rentals, but directs you to these regional sites where you can search individual vacation rentals.

Do you own the regional vacation rental websites?

Each regional vacation rental website is independently owned and operated by people who live within the region or own a vacation rental in the region, and who are familiar with the area. The common thread of these regional vacation rental websites is that they all use the same platform for consistency..

Do the regional vacation rental websites charge a service or booking fee to renters who book through them?

No. The regional vacation rental websites do not charge any fees to renters who book through their sites. One of the main purposes the regional vacation rental websites were developed is to provide travelers an alternative to book without paying services fees, which can add hundreds of dollars to your vacation costs.